Create apps from the world's data without writing code.

Every GraphQL API is an app waiting to happen.

Enter your GraphQL URL to get started.


A better way to create apps

User interface as a function of data

Build an app in minutes

In three simple steps

  • Enter your GraphQL endpoint

    To get started, simply enter your GraphQL endpoint and a default app will be generated from your GraphQL schema.

  • Customize your app

    Customize your app with the Graphite editor to fit your specific needs.

  • Share it with the world

    Share your app on the web with a link.

Backend agnostic

BYOB - Bring your own backend

  • Utilize the worlds data

    Tap into the ecosystem of open GraphQL APIs without having to write any code.

  • Own your own data

    Graphite does not store any data related to the functionality of your app.

  • Avoid lock-in

    Because apps are based off of GraphQL, you will always be able to easily migrate off of Graphite when you're ready.


The right price for you, whoever you are

Get started for free - or become a pro.


  • 2 free apps

  • Share as a subdomain

  • Access to community support
  • Mutations - coming soon!
Most popular


  • All standard and free features

  • Unlimited apps

  • Professional support

  • Early access to new features

  • Access to premium components - coming soon!


  • All free features

  • 10 apps

  • Custom domain name - coming soon!

  • No Graphite branding

Frequently asked questions

Why GraphQL?

GraphQL is the best source of data for building user interfaces. It is like the "glue" that unifies the frontend and backend. Building a "NoCode" tool around GraphQL is optimal because it is easier to transition to an engineering team if you ever need to.

What platforms does Graphite support?

Currently, Graphite only support deploying to the web; however, Graphite is made with all platforms in mind. Stay tuned.

How does Graphite work?

Graphite generates the GraphQL queries automatically based on what "fields" the user selects in the editor - no code required!

Where is the documentation?

Documentation, guides, and a blog are actively being built right now and will be coming soon.

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